Ad Blocker

On this site thee is a number of videos, usually embedded from YouTube. The enjoyment and easy flow of this streaming is ruined by them inserting two adverts before the content even appears. If that’s not enough, they insert ads mid video or as overlays.

Fair enough, they have to fund their massive operation and trouser some cash but, enough is enough. What they’re trying to do is get you to sign up for the paid version. Who on earth would do that?

The solution: Adblocker.

Adblocker is truly staggering it simply kills all ads including the ones injected into videos. It also kills google ads and the, dangerous, ads from so called ‘agencies’ that sites use to supply advertising content. I have had a number of viruses which were introduced via the coding in ‘ads’ – and these were from major sites; not some dodgy ones.

I visit some sites now and there’s large blank spaces where their crap is missing.

I don’t know how it works but it works ad blocker is simply fantastic. And, the icing on the cake: it’s FREE.

You won’t hear it mentioned in the mainstream media, including the BBC, because they’re all in on the con. If everybody used Adblocker this morning, by tomorrow morning, Google would have gone bust.

Get it here

What next?

What Next for Theresa May?

Being absolutely hopless should not bar you from a high paying job and there’s loads to choose from:

  • Weather forecaster
  • Police woman
  • Any job in a council
  • BBC newsperson

And, of course, a job in the EU.

Another referendum

Like buses: you wait ages for a referendum then loads come at one time.

Luckily, the sages in government have a plan to stem the flow of constant referendums – a referendum.

This referendum is whether to have referendums or not.

The question on the paper will be.

Do you want referendums?

However, it is understood that, whatever the result, they’ll do what they bloody like anyway so the whole referendum, as usual, will be a waste of time and money.

With their eye on future elections and how to also ignore them, the very same steering group is going to Venezuela to see how they get away with it.

British Steel

Leading proponents of fake news the BBC say, so-called, British Steel went down the pan because of Brexit.

Accidently, they have told the truth.

British Steel was stiffed for £195 million pounds by the EU for some bullshit carbon tax. If the UK had left the EU when it should have done on March 29, they wouldn’t have had to pay them anything.

The UK government say they couldn’t load them £50 mil because it’s against the EU rules. If the UK had left the EU when it should have done on March 29 they could have lent them the dosh which they wouldn’t have needed anyway because the bullshit carbon tax fine wouldn’t have been made.

Theresa May’s new career

Failed Prime Minister Theresa May’s new career has been revealed.

Even though she still hasn’t left her role as Britain’s worst ever Prime Minister she’s lined up the top job in music: the UK’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest.

I shall enter every year and am confident that, eventually, they will vote for me and I’ll win“.











Her annual bid for the top prize in entertainment will be a teduious load of old twaddle – so should fare well.

Of course I will sing the same song each year“, the crooner said .


Global Warming [Summer] is nigh.

This means it’s Fireworks Season. Annoying ‘look-at-me’ types use any excuse for a celebration – such as weddings, funerals, being able to afford fireworks – to launch a barrage of noise and irritation.

The councils are missing a trick here. Normally they employ their mafia-like extortion racket at anything anybody does. Ergo, they should require these jerks to have a licence and pay for a Fireworks Liaison Team to be present.

They could trouser loads of dosh from folks and spend it on themselves and it would only cost around £50,000,000* to set up.

*per council